Will it cost to join Public Image Models?

The only cost involved in joining the agency is the cost of your professional photo shoot and what it costs you to attend castings (travel/transport)

What is a Casting?

casting is when you go on camera and try out for a part in a commercial. You do not get paid for a casting it is an on camera interview.

What is a "Call Back"

Call back is when you have already been to a casting and the client likes you and perhaps someone else also for the same part and wants to see you again. What is a "Wardrobe Call"

What is a "Wardrobe Call"

wardrobe call is to fit you & the entire cast with clothes that will be worn on the commercial and only happens once you have been confirmed/booked for the commercial.

As a pensioner/student will I have to pay tax?

Yes, everyone has to pay tax.

What commission does the agency take from my earnings?

standard 20% commission is deducted by all NAMA agents.

Do I have to supply the clothing worn on a commercial?

No, the client/production will wardrobe you but you may be asked to bring your own shoes or a specific item of clothing.